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      The Druids considered the mistletoe to be a sacred plant and believed it
 had miraculous properties which could cure illnesses, serve as an antidote
against poisons, ensure fertility and protect against the ill effects 
of witchcraft.  Moreover, whenever enemies met under the mistletoe 
in the forest, they had to lay down their arms and observe a truce until 
the next day.  From this has seemingly come the ancient custom of hanging 
a ball of mistletoe from the ceiling and exchanging kisses under it as a 
sign of friendship and goodwill.

督伊德教僧侶(Druids)認為檞寄生(mistletoe) 是一種神聖的植物。他們相信檞寄生能夠奇蹟般地治

     Another version, however, says that this custom, which was widespread
 among the Anglo-Saxons, was connected to the legend of Freya, goddess 
of love, beauty and fertility. According to legend, a man had to kiss 
any young girl who, without realizing it, found herself accidentally 
under a sprig of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling.

這種習俗的另外一種說法在盎格魯-撒克遜(Anglo-Saxon) 廣為流傳,此說法跟芙瑞亞(Freya) 女神

     Even if the pagan significance has been long forgotten, the custom of
 exchanging a kiss under the mistletoe can still be found in many 
European countries as well as in 
during Christmastime. Thus if 
a couple in love exchanges a kiss under the mistletoe, it is interpreted as 
a promise to marry, as well as a prediction of happiness and  long life.


* 註 *

(1) 督伊德教教徒──督伊德教為古時 Gaul 人與 Briton 人的宗教,教徒包括有會妖術和預言的人

(2) 檞寄生──美國 Oklahoma 州的州花,其寓意是「征服」,果實可作黏鳥膠

(3)  盎格魯-撒克遜 ── 西元五至七世紀移居不列顛的日爾曼人部族



ET Hsu:聖誕節就快到了,你想親吻誰?趕快找棵mistletoe,帶著心愛的人,去親吻他(她)吧!

ps, 本ET是在喝完媽媽煮的100%全酒雞酒,三碗下肚後完成這篇文章,頭昏昏,被媽媽灌醉了~

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